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Learn how you can become a CFP® pro or share your story to inspire others.


Become a CFP® Pro

Demand for financial planners is growing. Nearly 20% of current financial planners are near retirement, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects demand for the career will increase 30% by 2024. In fact, the Bureau projects that job growth for financial advisors is expected to grow 4 times higher than other occupations. And there are financial rewards, with the Bureau reporting that financial planners earn a median salary of $89K.

Learn more about this exciting career and access a variety of resources to support your path to become a CFP® pro.

Guide to CFP® Certification

Download a free guide from CFP Board to learn about the process to become a CFP® professional and get started on your path.

Create a CFP Board Account

Connect with CFP Board to track your progress toward CFP® certification and get career planning insights.

Resources for Aspiring CFP® Professionals

Need advice, have a question, or looking for support on your path to becoming a CFP® pro? Check out our career resources:

Access scholarships to complete the education requirement for CFP® certification.

Get free one-on-one guidance and support through the CFP® certification process from an experienced CFP® professional.

Access internships at top financial planning firms.

Career Center
Access the CFP Board Career Center to apply for financial planning jobs nationwide and attend online career fairs.

Candidate Forum
Interact with other candidates on their way to CFP® certification through our interactive Candidate Forum.


Share Your Story

Your story can inspire the next generation of financial planners.

As a CFP® professional, you take pride in helping people in your community achieve their financial goals and, as a trusted advisor, you can tangibly see how your work makes a positive difference in your clients’ lives.

Yet, too many young people think that being a CFP® professional means pouring over complicated spreadsheets, working inflexible hours or that the career is meant for only a specific type of person and lifestyle. Help us show what being a CFP® pro really looks like.

Tell the Next Generation About Financial Planning Careers

The Center encourages CFP® professionals to promote the profession to young people in your community by conducting presentations at schools and speaking with young people in your network.  In support of this effort, the Center has developed a customizable presentation that highlights the benefits of the financial planning career, opportunities for young people, the CFP®  certification process, and resources available to help young people along their academic and professional path.

Presentation: Financial Planning as a Career

Handout: Resources for Aspiring CFP®  Professionals

Please contact Eddy Demirovic, Manager of Programs and Operations at the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, at edemirovic@CFPBoard.org or 202-379-2253 if you have any questions or to express your interest in speaking to young people at local opportunities as they become available.

Get Social

Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #CFPPro. Share the reasons you chose a career in financial planning and why you think other young people should consider it as well. Download our social media toolkit for suggested social posts that you can use.

Social Media Toolkit for CFP® Professionals

Become a Mentor

Mentor a prospective CFP® professional by providing guidance and support in your spare time using a custom mentor kit.

Resources for Schools

As an educational institution, you have access to a variety of tools to educate and promote financial planning careers to current and prospective students. Show your students that a career as a CFP® Pro is rewarding and can set them up for long-term success.

Below is a toolkit of fully customizable resources to educate students about the financial planning career and attract new students into your program. The toolkit includes a variety of promotional materials that can be cobranded with your institution and plugged into your existing outreach to current and prospective students.  Please note that while the materials are fully customizable, we ask that you share them with us before use if you modify the branding of the Center, or the campaign and its sponsors and spokespeople.

Please keep us informed of your efforts and let us know if you have any questions by contacting Eddy Demirovic, Manager of Programs and Operations at the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, at edemirovic@CFPBoard.org or 202-379-2253.

Campaign Videos

You can easily embed these videos to your school's website and share them through your social media channels. To add them to your website, simply click on the YouTube links below, click “Share” under the video and click “Embed.”  Copy the HTML code that appears and paste it into your website's HTML code.

Brittney's Video

Justin's Video

Matt's Video

Rianka's Video

Compilation Video (featuring Brittney, Justin and Rianka)

Promotional Fliers

Download promotional fliers to encourage current and prospective students to consider a career as a CFP® Pro.

Microsoft Word versions below can be easily customized with your school's logo and colors for printing in your office, or saved as PDF files for electronic distribution:

Customizable Flier in Word (Brittney Version)

Customizable Flier in Word (Justin Version)

Customizable Flier in Word (Matt Version)

Customizable Flier in Word (Rianka Version)

The Adobe InDesign versions can be customized by a graphic designer and printed professionally:

Customizable Fliers in Adobe InDesign (all four versions)

Promotional Posters

These 24x36 posters can be customized by a graphic designer and placed around your school.

Customizable Posters in Adobe InDesign (all four versions)

Social Media Toolkit

Download a custom social media toolkit with suggested posts that academic institutions with a CFP Board Registered Program can use to promote the financial planning career on their social media channels:

Social Media Toolkit for CFP Board Registered Programs

Articles for School Paper, Newsletter or Website

Download customizable template articles about the benefits of a career in financial planning:

Template Article (Long Version)

Template Article (Short Version)

Communication to Students

Download a customizable communication that you can distribute at your school to encourage current and potential students to consider a career as a CFP® Pro:

Template Communication to Students