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Learn how you can become a CFP® pro or share your story to inspire others.


Become a CFP® Pro

Today’s CFP® pros are creative problem solvers, strong relationship builders and enjoy the freedom and flexibility to balance their personal and professional lives.

They choose a career in financial planning to help individuals and families achieve life goals through proper management of personal finances. From budgeting, planning for retirement, saving and paying for higher education, to managing taxes and insurance coverage, CFP® pros help their clients bring all the pieces of their financial lives together.

Guide to Professional Advantages of CFP® Certification

Interested in a career as a CFP® professional? Get the details on how to become certified.  Learn how and why.

Need advice, have a question, or looking for support on your path to becoming a CFP® pro? Hear directly from current CFP® professionals and those on their way to certification through our interactive Candidate Forum.

Find Support

The WIN-to-WIN Mentorship Program also helps candidates interested in CFP® certification connect with current CFP® professionals serving as mentors who can provide support and guidance through the certification process. To find a mentor, visit our online mentorship tool.


Learn about scholarship programs from the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning that enable qualified individuals to start or complete the education requirement for attaining CFP® certification.

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Get the latest information on certification requirements as well as career planning insights from CFP Board by creating your online account here.

Share Your Story

Your story can inspire the next generation of financial planners.

As a CFP® professional, you take pride in helping people in your community achieve their financial goals and, as a trusted advisor, you can tangibly see how your work makes a positive difference in your clients’ lives.

Yet, too many young people think that being a CFP® professional means pouring over complicated spreadsheets, working inflexible hours or that the career is meant for only a specific type of person and lifestyle. Help us show what being a CFP® pro really looks like.

Share Your Story

Share the reasons you chose a career in financial planning and why you think other young people should consider it as well. Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #CFPPro.

Volunteer Your Time

The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning offers rewarding volunteer opportunities. Become a Mentor and provide guidance to a candidate in the CFP® certification process and join as an Advocate for the Women’s’ Initiative and speak to audiences of women and girls about the benefits of a career in financial planning.

Resources for Schools

Demand for financial planners is growing. Nearly 20% of current financial planners are near retirement, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects demand for the career will increase 30% by 2024. In fact, the Bureau projects that job growth for financial advisors is expected to grow 4 times higher than other occupations.

As an educational institution, you have access to a variety of tools to educate and promote financial planning careers to current and prospective students. Show your students that a career in financial planning is rewarding and can set them up for long-term success.

Article for School Paper or Newsletter

Download a customizable template article about the benefits of a career in financial planning that you can place in your school’s paper or newsletter.

Promotional Flier

Download a promotional flier about the “I am a CFP® Pro” campaign that you can distribute at your school to encourage students to consider a career as a CFP® Pro.

Stay In the Loop

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